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three-onion soup gratinee with gruyere crust and crispy onion strings

sweet potato bisque topped crispy bacon studded biscuit, scallions and crème fraiche

white bean and linguica ragout, grilled cumin-peppered shrimp, fried okra

braised spiny lobster with creamy champagne sauce and handmade celery fettuccine

crispy beggars purse filled with creamy leek polenta and wild mushrooms drizzled with zinfandel reduction

blue costello, sliced ripe native figs, toasted caramelized walnuts and walnut oil drizzle on fresh baked fig and anise bread

seared halibut with oven roasted potatoes, leek and mushroom gratin and savory bacon bread pudding drizzled with port reduction sauce

pepper brined pork loin with spicy cheese grits, gazpacho vinaigrette and garlic-parsley-almond remoulade

moroccan lamb tangine simmered with ginger, cinnamon, honey, dried apricot, roast tomato, caramelized carrots, parsnips and butternut squash

broiled double rack maple glazed pork chops served with creamy mashed yams and green apple chutney and dried cranberry relish

roast squab stuffed with pine nut, raisin and dandelion served with braised lentils

cracked black peppercorn studded filet mignon with gorgonzola bread pudding

coconut rice pudding with candied mangoes
Lobster Pasta